Redeployment Wealth Strategies

Genuine Fee-Only Financial Planning for Military & Veteran Families


Mission Statement: We help military servicemembers, veterans, and their families plan, pursue, and maintain financial independence by putting their money to its best and highest use both today and over the long term.

How We Can Help You

Live Your Best Life

Develop and implement the plan to achieve financial independence and the freedom to do everything you want to do

Investment Advice

Cutting through the noise to determine your best investment strategy for the long term

Financial Redeployment

Charting the course for financial success in the transition to life in your new uniform

Business Planning

Whether its a side hustle or a second career, get your entrepreneurial vision on the right path

We are fee-only fiduciary planners.

That sounds a whole lot more complicated than it is. Here's what it means:

  • Fee-only. At RWS, we're very proud to have 100% of our revenue come from our clients. No referral fees for recommending one product or another. No soft-dollar kickbacks. And absolutely no commissions. We work for you...and only for you.
  • FiduciarySimply put, fiduciary means we put your interest ahead of our own. But there's more to it than just that. Many firms tell you that because they are fee-only fiduciaries, they have no conflicts of interest. We have a different take on it. While most of the financial services industry is content that "everything we tell you will be 100% true," at RWS we passionately believe in telling 100% of the truth. And that includes being honest about conflicts of interest always being possible in any relationship. Though we've worked very hard to build a service and business model to reduce the possibility to an absolute minimum, we know we're never completely immune. In those instances when conflicts arise, we believe it's important that we proactively disclose them and resolve them in your favor--even if it means referring you to a different firm.
  • Planner. We believe the vast majority of value human advisors add is not as salespeople or portfolio managers but as planners and advisors. Computers answer questions faster and cheaper than humans can...but humans ask better questions. That's why we focus our time and energy on helping you untangle what's important to you and helping you establish and pursue the financial goals to put your money to its best and highest purpose. Everything we do starts with a plan. And every plan starts with connecting our expertise in financial planning to your expertise in you.

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