Portfolios to Meet Your Financial Goals

We rely on a proven investment process that favors passive index investing, with the ability to add select active management techniques if the client and the situation call for it. We do not believe that long-term goals can be met by chasing short-term results. Beating the benchmark might be a fine aspiration, but we believe it is less important than achieving each and every one of your financial goals.

Our Investment Philosophy

We build portfolios based on the science of capital markets using these investment principles:


A plan that is strategically balanced among domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, cash, and other investments reduces the risk of drastic changes in the value of your investments while giving your portfolio ample opportunity for growth. Diversification can improve your odds of holding the best performers and frees you from the guessing game. Here’s a quick read to put it in a little numerical context.

Proactive Tax Strategies

Taxes can take a big bite out of your investment returns. Effective asset location, tax-loss harvesting strategies, and a low-turnover approach can help boost your bottom line and keep more of what you earn.

Cost Efficiency

Excessive fees can drag down investment growth over the long term. Studies have shown that funds with lower fees have been better predictors of higher long-term returns than funds with higher fees or a fund-rating system. 2

Risk Management

Investors must take risk to generate returns. Deciding how much risk to take, which risks to take, and monitoring those risks is extremely important.

Five Factor Formula

With access to Dimensional Funds, we have the capability to implement Nobel-laureate research into portfolio construction and management.


1 Diversification does not eliminate the risk of loss.
2 Russel Kinnel. “How Expense Ratios and Star Ratings Predict Success” — Aug. 2010.

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