Our Mission

At Redeployment Wealth Strategies, we help veterans and their families pursue and maintain financial freedom, putting their money to its best and highest use both today and over the long term, so they can spend their time living their best lives, even–or especially–if they no longer work to earn income.


Our Vision

We strive to be the premier financial planning firm serving veterans, specializing in coaching our clients in their transition from a career in uniform to life beyond it.


Our Core Values

  • TrustEverything we do at RWS revolves around ironclad mutual trust between us and our clients. Doing our best work requires it. Ensuring that every action we undertake and every recommendation we provide reinforces that trust is of paramount importance.
  • JudgmentThere is no such thing as a financial plan without risk. As we craft plans for our clients, it is incumbent on us to mitigate and prioritize risks according to our best professional judgment and our clients’ values. And we are obligated to continue honing that judgment through a career marked by continuous learning.
  • ServiceService means more than just prompt and courteous completion of tasks and projects. It means taking proactive interest in our clients’ lives and bringing our experience to bear to properly anticipate what they’ll need next. It means going an extra mile to make sure our clients receive the best care possible…even if it means admitting they’re better served elsewhere and facilitating the new relationship.

Financial Planning for Military & Veteran Families