We'll start here, because this is frequently the first thing people ask us. At RWS, we believe your fees should be:

  • Our only source of revenue
  • Simple to understand
  • Totally transparent to you
  • Affordable no matter your assets or income
  • Never based on a minimum level of assets that "qualify" you for our services

To accomplish all that, we charge a flat annual fee for our ongoing comprehensive planning clients, billed monthly. Fees start at $100/month--about the same as an average cable bill--and increase with the complexity of your planning needs. Our primary means of assessing complexity is by using the main pieces of your net worth as a proxy. Essentially, everything bigger than the cars you drive every day. Once we understand that net worth, we make a few adjustments to it:

  • We discount up to $100K from it for a Thrift Savings Plan balance
  • We discount up to $100K from it for equity in your primary residence
  • We add back in any student debt in excess of $100K

Once we have your modified net worth (MNW) figured out, we assess your annual fee as follows

Modified Net Worth (MNW) Annual Planning Fee
Up to $120K $1200
$120K - $500K $1200 + [0.74% x (MNW - $120K)]
$500K - $1.5MM $4000 + [0.5% x (MNW - $500)]
$1.5MM - $5MM $9000 + [0.25% x (MNW - $1.5MM)]
> $5MM $17,750 + [0.1% x (MNW - $5MM)]

Value We Provide

Now, you may be thinking that paying higher fees just because your net worth is higher doesn't make much sense. We couldn't agree more. Just as we believe your fees should be transparent, we believe just as passionately that higher fees should expect more service and more value in return. To that end, as your fees increase, we deliver deliver accordingly.

Service Tier Wealth Builder Wealth Manager Legacy Planner
Monthly Fee Starting At $100 $250 $500
Establish Goals Included Included Included
Budget & Cash Flow Included Included Included
Retirement Planning Included Included Included
Education Planning Included Included Included
Investment Management Included Included Included
Insurance Analysis Included Included Included
Military Pension Analysis Included Included Included
Widow/Widower Transition Assistance Included Included Included
Estate Planning Basic Basic Advanced
Individual Tax Preparation 50% Discount Included Included
Proactive Tax Service 50% Discount Included Included
Tax Representation 50% Discount Included Included
Aging Parent Care Planning   Included Included
Inheritance Planning   Included Included
Marriage/Divorce Planning   Included Included
Special Needs Planning   Included Included
Gift & Transfer Tax Preparation   Included Included
Estate Tax Preparation     Included
Trust Tax Preparation     Included
Partnership Tax Preparation     Included
S-Corp Tax Preparation     Included
Advanced Tax Strategies     Included

Redeployment Wealth Strategies

Transparent, affordable level fees

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