At the end of every mission we ever performed in uniform was the same objective–redeployment. In short, “bring home everyone we brought with us in one piece.” At RWS, we specialize in helping you execute all aspects of your financial redeployment when it’s time to transition to life beyond your uniform.


We subscribe to Nick Murray’s definition of wealth in his seminal book Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth. Wealth is “the positive freedom to live the kind of life that is meaningful to you, even–and especially–when you no longer work to earn an income.” As we progress toward the final transition that awaits all of us, wealth means we’ll “be able to bequeath some measure of your financial freedom to the people you love and must leave behind in the world.”


As Doctors Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko taught us in their watershed work The Millionaire Next Door, about 80% of millionaires are first-generation affluent, meaning they didn’t inherit their wealth. They built it. Many wealth management firms seek clients who are already wealthy, to help them manage their affairs. It’s perfectly honorable work. At RWS, we seek military veterans who see wealth the way we see it and want help navigating their best and most efficient path to it.

Financial Planning for Military & Veteran Families